Red Deer Stags

 From the 1st of July until October 20th

Red deer stag stalking is one of the most prestigious and rewarding experiences in the hunting world. Red deer are found in the mountains and woodland areas which can provide lots of different stalking challenges. 

The normal day;

When you arrive with us, which will normally be around 0900am. You will be asked about your shooting  experience and taken to the target to make sure you are comfortable with the rifle and that it is accurate.

Once on hill the stalker will locate the deer and the stag that is going to be shot will be selected, this normally involves a good walk and crawl at the end of the stalk to get up close to the deer and avoid being seen. The distance of the shot can range anywhere from 50 to 200 metres. Once you have taken a successful shot, the stag will be gralloched and removed from the hill by a all terrain vehicle and taken to the larder.

Sika Stags

Sika stag stalking is a very rare and amazing experience. Sika are mainly found in woodland areas and are shy animals which means the best time for shooting them is very early morning or in the late evening.


Hind shooting

Red deer/ Sika

Hind shooting is also available from 21st October- 15th of February 

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